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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log in to Chicago Tribune?

From any page on, click or tap on the “log in” button in the upper right corner. In the “email address” field, enter the email address that is connected to your subscription. In the “password” field, enter the password you previously created. Click or tap on “log in”. What if I forgot my password?

What is the Chicago Tribune eNewspaper?

The Chicago Tribune eNewspaper includes a morning digital replica of the print edition and includes: bonus news, sports and entertainment coverage not available in print. Any device. Anywhere.

What is Chicago Tribune unlimited digital access?

Subscribers, your print subscription includes Unlimited Digital Access at no extra cost. ACTIVATE NOW. Our website has been digitally remastered to fit your life. A Chicago Tribune Unlimited Digital Access subscription is your all-access premium content pass to comprehensive local news, entertainment, sports and commentary.

Why subscribe to the post-T Tribune?

The Post-Tribune continues our tradition as Northwest Indiana's best and most read local news source. Providing you with hard hitting local and in depth news, award winning journalism and Northwest Indiana’s best sports coverage, 7 days a week.

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