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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Rutgers canvas have a proctoring orientation course?

Rutgers Canvas is pleased to announce that a proctoring orientation course is now available for Rutgers Canvas Instructors. Instructors who plan to use online tools to conduct proctored exams may benefit from reviewing the information included in this course and completing one of the included quizzes as a student.

What is the canvas?

is a synchronous meeting application to promote remote and online learning. As part of the Rutgers enterprise WebEx license, Canvas instructors can schedule Webex meetings and facilitate collaboration within Rutgers Canvas. The Canvas allows instructors to: Schedule single-occurence and recurring meetings.

What is the new cancanvas learning management system?

Canvas will be the university’s official learning management system (LMS)—a decision aimed at enhancing the learning and teaching experience for students and faculty, Rutgers leaders announced.

How do I login to my Canvas account with a netid?

This login method users with a Rutgers NetID to access their Canvas accounts. Navigate to Canvas Home page ( Click the NetID Login button Enter your NetID and Password and click LOGIN. When you log in, you will see your Canvas Dashboard.

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