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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cancanvas student app?

Canvas Student allows students to access their courses and groups using a mobile device. Students can submit assignments, participate in discussions, view grades and course materials. The app also provides access to course calendars, To Do items, notifications, and Conversations messages.

Does Rutgers canvas have a proctoring orientation course?

Rutgers Canvas is pleased to announce that a proctoring orientation course is now available for Rutgers Canvas Instructors. Instructors who plan to use online tools to conduct proctored exams may benefit from reviewing the information included in this course and completing one of the included quizzes as a student.

What is Respondus Lockdown browser for Rutgers canvas?

Respondus Lockdown Browser – How do I install two versions for use with Rutgers Canvas and another institution? Used in conjunction with the Canvas Quizzes tool, Respondus offers two products to increase the integrity of online exams.

How do I integrate Zoom with my Canvas course?

Users to view, manage, and download Zoom recordings directly from your Canvas course. Account set-up: To use the Canvas Integration, Rutgers NetID users will need an existing Rutgers Zoom account and set their default Canvas email to [email protected] Please enable Zoom via the Service Activation Portal.

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