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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of reels does Reelcraft make?

Work smarter with Reelcraft’s complete line of spring-driven, motor driven and hand crank hose, cord and cable reels. Series 3000 reels are all-steel construction and ultra-compact for a wide range of bench mount or mobile applications with critical space requirements.

Who is Reelcraft?

Reelcraft is the leading global manufacturer of the widest range of hose, cord and cable reels for industrial, commercial and professional applications. Reelcraft’s key focus is to produce durable, quality products that make hoses, cords, and cables more productive, keep them easily accessible and make them last longer.

Does rereelcraft provide replacement parts and manuals for military end users?

Reelcraft is committed to supporting its military end users by making replacement parts and manuals readily accessible. Provided below are replacement/service parts with existing National Stock Numbers (NSN). If the part you are looking for is not listed, our customer service members can assist you by calling 1-855-634-9109.

How fast do Reelcraft hose reels pay out?

Reelcraft’s new REELSAFE® hose reels pay out like a traditional reel, but are specifically engineered to retract the hose at an average walking speed of 2 to 3 miles per hour. "Thanks again to all at Reelcraft for your continuing assistance.

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