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Frequently Asked Questions

What are types of fishing reels?

The primary types of fishing reels for bass fishing are baitcasting, spinning and fly reels. Bass Fishing Reels. Baitcast Reels. Baitcasting reels have "revolving" spools. When a baitcaster is placed in free spool by depressing the "clutch bar" a thumb must then be placed on the spool to prevent rotation.

What is conventional reel?

Conventional reels have a spool braking system, the same as a baitcasting reel, which is located on the side of the reel underneath the star drag. This brake system is sometimes referred to as a tension brake system since it slows down the spool by applying pressure which is controlled by an adjustment knob.

What is a spincast reel?

With a spincast reel, the line is thrown from a fixed spool and can therefore be used with relatively light lures and baits. The spincast reel was created to solve the problem of backlash found in baitcast designs, while reducing line twist and snare complaints sometimes encountered with traditional spinning reel designs.

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