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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the most hated golfer on tour?

Watson, who won the Masters last year and in 2012, was recently voted as the most disliked player on the PGA Tour by his fellow golfers. Well, kind of. An poll surveyed 103 tour pros (21 major champions) and asked them a variety of serious and lighthearted questions.

How many players are on the PGA Tour?

In most of the regular events on tour, the field is either 132, 144 or 156 players, depending on time of year (and available daylight hours). All players making the cut earn money for the tournament with the winner usually receiving 18% of the total purse.

Who are the Irish golfers on the PGA Tour?

Of them, three are Irish - Rory McIlroy, Harrington and Shane Lowry; and, for two of them, the Pete Dye-designed course has provided past triumphs: McIlroy was a runaway winner of the PGA on its ...

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