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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does airport parking usually cost?

The rates for daily parking (covered deck parking) are $3 per hour and $19 per day. Parking at the actual airport is not your only option. There are many offsite parking lots that offer to keep your car for you while you are away.

Where to park at airport?

Economy Parking: The North and South are next to the parking decks. ATL West Parking: Coming Soon -Located at 4199 Skytrain Way, College Park, GA 30337. Park-Ride Lots A and C: The Airport Park-Ride lots offer convenient services to both Terminal North and Terminal South. A free shuttle bus will take you to curbside check-in.

Is an airport parking safe?

Long-term parking at airports can be safe, but also has its own security issues. This is because most airport security doesn't have the means to monitor every car that is parked there.

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