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Frequently Asked Questions

Is parade a good brand of underwear?

In our Parade underwear review, you can see the different available products and learn where to buy them. Though Parade makes different types of underwear, many of the brand’s customers love its thongs. The Re:Play Thong won top mars from Teen Vogue, which called it a comfy thong.

What is parade underwear made out of?

The underwear is constructed with a core fabric that is made from 85% recycled polyamide, and all of its materials are Oeko-Tex certified, which means they are free of chemicals that can be harmful to the planet. Parade also donates 1% of its profits to Planned Parenthood.

What are the parade re-play bralettes?

What are the Parade Re:Play Bralettes? Parade is an underwear and intimates company founded in 2019 that defines itself as “rewriting the American underwear story.” It has a strong focus on sustainability, and the brand’s garments are made with a blend of recycled synthetics.

Are parade panties sustainable?

I like that Parade has an entire section of FAQs dedicated to sustainability. According to that, the work with a factory in China that is both Oeko-Tex certified and Sedex certified. This means that the panties are produced with high ethical standards and without weird chemicals.

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