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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do orthotics cost for fallen arches?

Custom orthotics - For some people with fallen arches, custom orthotics are the best option. Prices range from $300-$800. You'll need to see a podiatrist or Pedorthist for well-crafted custom-molded arch supports.

Can orthotics correct collapse of the metatarsal arch?

However, we can, through orthotics, correct the way we meet that street and floor. Less commonly found than the longitudinal arch collapse is the collapse of the metatarsal arch (MTA). This usually comes with pain at the second, third, and fourth balls of the foot.

How do you fix arches that are too flat?

Stretching and strengthening the arch and calves will help relieve the pain associated with flat feet in the short-term. But, for long-term relief, you'll need to support your arches with insoles for flat feet. Can I Fix Fallen Arches?

What is an orthotic (arch support)?

An orthotic (arch support) is often used in an effort to take advantage of the fact that many flat feet tend to be flexible, and so the orthotic will typically push the arch up so that the posterior tibial tendon does not have to work as hard to do its job.

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