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Frequently Asked Questions

What is library2go?

Library2go - also know as the Oregon Digital Library Consortium - is a collection of ebooks, audiobooks and magazines that can be downloaded onto a variety of devices. This guide covers how to login to Library2go and access collections. More complete information about using Library2go with specific devices is available on the Library2go help page .

Is the Harrisburg Public Library part of the Oregon Digital Library Consortium?

The Harrisburg Public Library is excited to announce that we are now part of the Oregon Digital Library Consortium, Library2go! Our Patrons will be able to check out E-Books, Audio Books and more via the Libby app at no charge!

What is Clackamas Cloud Library?

Cloud Library is a digital library provided by the Libraries in Clackamas County. The Cloud Library requires you to download software or an app to access the library's popular fiction & nonfiction ebooks, audio books and videos on your device or your computer.

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