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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Toledo have a public library?

The City of Toledo offers an excellent public library! We have just what you need to help you find the books and materials you want in town, in the county, in the state, and around the world through the Chinook Library Network, a cooperative including public and community college libraries, and our extensive interlibrary loan program.

What is a library card?

Your library card gives you access to our online resources in addition to allowing you to check out materials from the library. Learn more about getting a library card on the Your Library Card page. There are so many online resources available for kids and not enough time to sort through them for quality options. The Library is here to help!

Is there a free community room at the library?

We're happy to be a good neighbor by providing free self-serve community room space. (Self-serve means you may move furniture, but you will need to return room to original set-up. Technology support may be available.) Users of this space must agree to and follow the Library Community Room policy. Welcome to Oregon Branch!

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