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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the hours of the UO Libraries?

Location Hours Knight Library 7am-Midnight (UO Community); 7am-9pm (Pu ... Design Library 8am - 8pm (After 6pm, building access li ... John E. Jaqua Law Library 7:30am-Midnight (UO Community); 8am-7pm ... Mathematics Library 12pm - 6pm 4 more rows ...

How long does it take to build the Oregon Public Library?

Construction on the new Oregon Public Library has begun! Tri-North Builders (Fitchburg) is hard at work. You can see the floor plans here. Construction is expected to take 12-14 months. Want to donate? There is still time to make a donation to new build the new library. Learn more about how to make a donation .

Is the Eugene public library open on Labor Day?

On Monday, Sept. 5, all library locations and outside return slots will be closed for Labor Day. ¡No Más Multas Vencidas! La Biblioteca Pública de Eugene ya no cobrará multas vencidas. Más info: No Más Multas Vencidas Para Todos Regístrate ya para obtener acceso a educación y entretenimiento. Más información: Tarjetas Gratis - Estudiantes

What is Eugene Public Library's new fine-free policy?

Our new fine-free policy makes library use easier and more accessible for all. More info: No More Overdue Fines Enjoy free reading on demand at Eugene Airport and online. More info: Short Story Dispenser Eugene Public Library ranks in top 1% nationwide for cost-effective services.

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