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Frequently Asked Questions

What is north?

English Language Learners Definition of north (Entry 3 of 3) : the direction that is to your left when you are facing the rising sun : the direction that is the opposite of south : regions or countries north of a certain point especially : the northern part of the U.S. See the full definition for north in the English Language Learners Dictionary

What is the difference between the north and the south?

the North. › the rich industrial countries of the world, most of which are above the equator. › the northern states of the middle and eastern part of the US: The North defeated the South in the American Civil War.

What does north of X mean?

"North of X" is a phrase often used by Americans to mean "more than X" or "greater than X" in relation to the conventional direction of north being upwards, i.e. "The world population is north of 7 billion people" or "north of 40 [years old]". ^ "the definition of north". Retrieved 10 November 2017.

How do you go north on a map?

By convention, the top or upward-facing side of a map is north. To go north using a compass for navigation, set a bearing or azimuth of 0° or 360°. Traveling directly north traces a meridian line upwards. North is specifically the direction that, in Western culture, is considered the fundamental direction:

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