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Frequently Asked Questions

How to test controller lag?

As far as I know there are two main ways to measure controller lag. Controller Versus: plug two controllers in a system with a fighting game; bind the same button to both PCB; press it and count how many times the players have traded or not. The most notorious analysis is Teyah’s study (a lot of details there!).

Why is my computer lagging on games?

There are two factors which could result lag while playing computer games. Lack of hardware requirements for e.g not adequate ram or gpu to run a game, processor is lacking in game processing. Internet is another factor which hold a great impact on online gaming or can be stated as sole reason for lag.

Should you overclock your Xbox Elite controller?

No, It Is not dangerous to overclock your Xbox controller, but when you overclock other things without proper cooling it can be dangerous. Step One Of Overclocking When trying to overclock your Xbox controller you will first need to download WinRAR. You can download WinRAR here.

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