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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best remote control car for beginners?

The Best Remote Control Car. 1 Traxxas RTR Rustler Remote Control Car. 2 Traxxas Stampede Monster Remote Control Car. 3 VATOS RC Car Desert Buggy Remote Control Car. 4 Redcat Racing Shockwave Nitro Buggy. 5 Hosim ZK-01 Terrain RC 9112. 6 GPTOYS S916 RC Car. 7 HBX All-Terrain RC Car 18859E.

Is the bezgar remote control car any good?

BEZGAR Remote Control Car The BEZGAR Remote Control Car is designed to take big impacts. If you’re not a seasoned RC car racer, you’re probably going to spend half of your time crashing into stuff, so you need something that can take the hit. With its strong alloy frame and shockproof body, it’s super resistant to collisions.

Can You PLAY Project CARS with a controller?

Thankfully Project CARS is amazing with its amount of customisability when it comes to everything in the game, which includes pretty much everything you would want when it comes to the controller.

What is the laegendary remote control car?

The Laegendary Remote Control Car is ultra-tough, lightning-quick, and easy to set up and use. It’s everything you want from an RC car, without all the pain of having to build it from scratch. With this awesome little machine, you’ll be able to hold your ground with even the most impressive modified RC cars at the track.

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