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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register as a new employer in New Hampshire?

Register as a New NH Employer. As an employing unit, you must file an Employer Status Report from the link below within 30 days of first providing employment in New Hampshire, acquiring the assets of an existing employer, or acquiring the assets of a separate unit of an existing employer. When any of these standards have been met,...

What is the state of New Hampshire's workforce connect?

Welcome to The State of New Hampshire’s Workforce Connect! The Workforce Connect is a gateway for accessing a complete set of employment tools, filing for unemployment benefits and much more.

How do I find a job at nhjobs?

Unable to visit your Local NHWORKS Jobs Center, search for job opportunities online by going to the Job Match System. Quick search for jobs by region or occupation by using the NHJOBS Portal. Attend an upcoming Virtual Job Fair. All individuals filing for unemployment benefits are required to conduct a weekly work search in order to be eligible.

How do I access the nhuis benefit payment system?

You will choose your own unique User name and Password for access to the NHUIS Benefit Payment System during the registration process. This log-on can also be used for WEBTAX, to file your quarterly wage and tax reports. (NOTE: If your company administrator registers for you, he or she will provide you with a User Name and temporary password.

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