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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a bank deny you a checking account?

If a bank or credit union denied your application for a checking account, it may be because a checking account reporting company has negative information in its files about your checking history. You may have negative information in your file if you had a checking account before and you:

Do banks check credit for a new checking account?

Some, but not all, banks and credit unions perform a credit inquiry when you apply for a new bank account. This type of credit inquiry is referred to as "hard inquiry" or a "hard pull," because you're voluntarily allowing the credit check in the application process.

Does US bank offer free checking accounts?

When you compare the free checking account offerings of U.S. Bank and Chase Bank, it's clear that only U.S. Bank offers an actual free checking account with no maintenance fees. While Chase Bank offers a variety of fee-waivable checking accounts, the monthly service fee on checking accounts at Chase can only be waived by meeting certain requirements. This means that someone who doesn't want to fuss with these requirements may find it easier to open a U.S. Bank free checking account.

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