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Frequently Asked Questions

How did Naruto become Fire Shadow?

Naruto, after an unexpected encounter with Madara Uchiha, is sent - via space/time jutsu - to another dimension: the DC Universe. Learning to accept his new life in a new world, Naruto becomes 'Fire Shadow,' the youngest member of the Justice League and Head Supervisor of the newly formed Young Justice Team.

What happened to Naruto’s brother?

Naruto watched in horror as his elder brother Inabi fell to the ground clutching his little throat where a sharp kunai lay buried. He stood motionless waiting for his mean older brother to get up, but Inabi continued to stay still even as a pool of red blood started forming around his corpse.

What happened to Naruto Uzumaki’s katana?

What came next was something no-one would ever forgot, fire engulfed the katana with such unnatural heat that the surroundings started to catch fire just from the intensity, the fire from around the katana grew and enveloped Naruto himself who seemed to be in a state of peacefulness as the fire shot up into the sky turning the once blue sky, red.

How did Naruto defeat the fireball?

Naruto snapped his eyes open and held out both of his hands and shouted. "Fūjutsu Kyūin!" As soon as the fireball made contact, instead of an explosion it hit a carrier that formed around Naruto before it started to be sucked into the barriers at the points of Naruto's hands.

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