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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the University of Delaware student housing portal?

Students do more than simply live in our halls; they take the opportunity to learn and engage as they develop as citizens and leaders. Residence Life & Housing. The University of Delaware Student Housing Portal provides students with everything you need to manage your housing applications, forms, assignments, and other housing related services.

What is the housing and Residence Life Portal?

Welcome to the Housing and Residence Life Portal. Use this portal to sign up for housing, apply for jobs with Housing and Residence Life, request baseline PATH Credit, and get your proof of residency documentation.

How do I apply for student housing?

houses and apartments in the student neighborhood New Student Housing First-Year Students First-year students can apply for housing at Review the terms and conditions of the housing contract at resources.  For move-in and orientation information, visit Student Transitions and Family Programs.

How long does it take to log in to my housing?

Newly-admitted students must create their UD email address and then wait up to 48 hours for that information to sync with the housing system before being able to log in to the My Housing portal.

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