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Frequently Asked Questions

What does RDS(on) in a MOSFET mean?

R DS (on) stands for "drain-source on resistance," or the total resistance between the drain and source in a Metal Oxide Field Effect Transistor, or MOSFET when the MOSFET is "on." R DS (on) is the basis for a maximum current rating of the MOSFET and is also associated with current loss.

What is source and drain area of a MOSFET?

If the MOSFET is a p-channel or pMOS FET, then the source and drain are p+ regions and the body is a n region. The source is so named because it is the source of the charge carriers (electrons for n-channel, holes for p-channel) that flow through the channel; similarly, the drain is where the charge carriers leave the channel.

What is the use of a MOSFET?

MOSFET is a metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor. It is a four terminal device that is used to switch electronic signals.

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