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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can a MOSFET be used as an amplifier?

MOSFET provides very high input impedance and it is very easy to bias. So, for a linear small amplifier, MOSFET is an excellent choice . The linear amplification occurs when we bias the MOSFET in the saturation region which is a centrally fixed Q point.

How is MOSFET different from BJT?

The main difference between BJT and MOSFET transistors are discussed below. The BJT is a bipolar junction transistor whereas MOSFET is a metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor. A BJT has three terminals namely base, emitter and collector, while a MOSFET has three terminals namely source, drain and gate.

What is differential amplifier circuit?

Differential amplifier. It is an analog circuit with two inputs and and one output in which the output is ideally proportional to the difference between the two voltages where is the gain of the amplifier.

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