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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Agot more bloodlines compatible with Agot reformations?

This is a patch to make both AGOT More Bloodlines and AGOT Reformations compatible. YOU WILL NEED BOTH MODS, obviously. This also includes a hotfix which adds localisation for the ca_gold_cloaks building which was an oversight from More Bloodlines.

Is it possible to forge a new bloodline?

Some games will require you to relaunch them before the item will be downloaded. This mod allows you to forge a new Bloodline, even if you alreday own a "creadted bloodline", as long as you are not already the founder of a bloodline. Should work with most other AGOT-submods.

How many new bloodlines were added to the game?

The Carpathians no longer exist as an empire (as Hungary constantly created it). Nine new bloodlines were added Mostly Nordic. In addition to a new Norman. New Map! Two new bloodlines and other small changes were added. Bloodlines, events and dragons! added three bloodlines, an decision and a titular kingdom.

Do the gardeners get bloodlines?

Ok, thanks for clarifying. In older games could the Durandons, Hoares and Gardeners get bloodlines as well then, when you add in more, as they're equally major. Video games, A Game of Thrones and coding...

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