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Frequently Asked Questions

How to win the Michigan Lottery?

Any prizes over $50,000 need to be claimed in person at the Michigan Lottery headquarters in Lansing (address above). To claim a win, players must produce the winning ticket, along with a valid government-issue photo ID and Social Security card. History of the Michigan Lottery A state lottery has existed in Michigan since 1972.

Who is the first Michigan Lottery winner?

The Michigan Lottery began when the Green Ticket game started on November 13, 1972. Hermus Millsaps of Taylor, Michigan won the first $1 million prize on February 22, 1973. When he won, Mr. Millsaps was 53 years old, a native of Tennessee and worked at a Chrysler Automobile plant.

Who won the Michigan Lottery?

Amanda Clayton, a Michigan woman who won $1 million from the state lottery last year, was arraigned today in district court on felony charges stemming from an investigation that found she failed to report her lottery winnings and employment status to the Department of Human Services in order to continue receiving public assistance.

Does Michigan have a lottery?

Lottery tickets are offered to the public through more than 10,000 licensed Michigan Lottery retailers , as well as online at the Michigan Lottery's website . Scratch games [ edit ] To play Michigan Lottery scratch games, a player scratches off a ticket; each game consists of different themes, play styles and prize structures.

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