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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any Michigan football players in the NFL?

The Michigan football contingent in the NFL is a large one, not only in the regular season, but the Wolverines also have the third-most players participating in the playoffs-behind only Alabama and LSU-and the most from the Big Ten.

Who is the coach of the Michigan football team?

After finally slaying the Ohio State dragon, Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh seems to believe he's done everything he set out to do at his alma mater and is ready to bolt the collegiate levels and return to the lucratively-greener pastures of the NFL.

Who is the kicker for Michigan State football?

Johnson played at Hope College in 2018 before transferring to Michigan State in 2019 and joining the team as a walk-on before this season. With starting kicker Matt Coghlin dealing with an injury late in the season, he was 1-for-2 on extra-point attempts in a win against Penn State to end the regular season and entered the portal on Dec. 1.

Who was Michigan State football player that was suspended?

Gravely, a former three-star prospect from Ohio, signed with Michigan State’s 2021 recruiting class and was an early enrollee. He was suspended from team activities before the season began and entered the portal on Dec. 3.

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