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Frequently Asked Questions

Can men wear incontinence pads inside their underwear?

Incontinence Pads for Men / Men's Underwear Liners for Leakage There are multiple solutions for active men with light incontinence, including pads designed for men. These male incontinence pads are worn inside normal underwear and are made anatomically to conform to the specific needs of men.

Can male incontinence pouches be used for leakage?

Male incontinence pouches can also be used. If you are experiencing heavy or maximum (total) incontinence but do not want to use a full pull up or diaper, you may want to try out the Abri-Man Special Incontinence Liner or a similar men’s pad for leakage that is indicated for use by men who have heavy to total urine loss.

Are male pads good for bladder leakage?

Male pads provide good absorbency and protection during the day for men with light bladder leakage. One study found that they performed better than other pad designs for men with light bladder leakage and they are more popular. 1 They may be less effective at absorbing leakage when in bed, because gravity may cause urine to flow away from the pad.

What are the best incontinence briefs for bladder control problems?

Depend’s incontinence briefs are a great option for men with bladder control problems as they’re designed for the male body to look and feel like normal underwear, are comfortable, and boast maximum absorbency power compared to the brand’s pads and guards, so you can strut with confidence knowing you’re protected.

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