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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a full right goalie stick?

Full right can be a confusing term; it applies to a left-handed or southpaw goalie who catches with their right hand. Do I need a left or a right goal stick? A left goal stick is held in the right hand for a “regular” goalie. A “Full Right” goalie would use a right-handed goal stick.

Is there a left or right hockey stick?

While there are plenty of left-handed sticks for ice hockey players, left-handed field hockey athletes are forced to use right-handed sticks during play. A typical field hockey stick is designed with a flat hitting surface that faces toward the left.

What is a goalie hockey stick?

This goalie stick is a well-priced stick that will serve any player well. It has an excellent shape for hitting the ball out of the D and sweeping, different to a lot of field hockey goalie stick the STX Shield has a a, 22mm bow giving great ball control.

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