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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Jobvite?

We are Jobvite and we are on a mission to help people and companies grow as we continue to build and expand the innovative SaaS solutions within our leading end-to-end talent acquisition suite.

How do I login to Jobvite If I Forgot my Password?

We’ve acquired award-winning talent analytics platform Talentegy to provide actionable insights using real-time engagement data to help our customers hire faster. Go to, click on “ Job Seeker Login ,” add your email address, and then click on “Forgot Password.”

Does Jobvite change the status of an application?

Jobvite does not change or have any influence on the status of an application. How do I apply for a job from my job seeker account? You cannot submit applications/resumes through your Job Seeker account.

How do I update my email address on Jobvite?

To update your email address, you will want to login to your Jobvite account and select the application you are looking to update. From here, use the ‘New Message’ option to send a message to the recruiter with your updated email address. How do I submit a Support case with Jobvite?

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