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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Job Corps really like?

Posted: (3 days ago) Job Corps is designed to help your student learn what life is going to be like outside of the program. Students will live, learn, train, and work in a very structured environment. There are rules to follow, curfews to meet, and uniforms to wear. What Career Is Right For Me? Your 2021 Career Quiz

Is Job Corps a good idea?

Job Corps is good, and BAD. Free training, free food, free housing. Treat you like children, some staff shouldn't have jobs. There is no "work life balance". They dumb down the program more and more, in most cases you'll never go through the trainign program you signed up initially to go into. Most people are now leaving without Drivers License ...

What programs does Job Corps offer?

Job Corps offers a basic Carpentry program and a Carpentry, Pre-Apprentice program through United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America (UBCJA). All training programs are hands-on and are similar in curriculum and requirements. Length of training: Completion times vary by training area. Check with your admissions advisor.

Is Job Corps a good choice?

Job Corps is really a good place to start your training at because everything is hands on and you can learn quicker from your mistakes and know what a real working environment feel like. Was this review helpful? learned a lot about food i didn't know. Met new people. It was a great learning experience.

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