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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Jackpot Junction Casino Hotel located?

Jackpot Junction Casino Hotel. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Jackpot Junction Casino Hotel is a casino and hotel complex located on the Lower Sioux Indian Reservation located along the southern bank of the Minnesota River in Redwood County, Minnesota, just south of the city of Morton.

What is there to do at Jackpot Junction?

Jackpot Junction also offers live entertainment and events near Minneapolis. The casino hotel accommodations include a world-class hotel as well as a luxurious RV p…… Got a question about Jackpot Junction Casino Hotel?

What are the amenities at Jackpot Casino Hotel?

An indoor pool, a children’s pool, and a fitness center are the other amenities at Jackpot Casino Hotel that the guests can freely enjoy. Jackpot Junction Hotel rooms are all air-conditioned complete with flat screen televisions, coffee maker, and ironing boards.

What was the first casino in Minnesota?

Jackpot Junction was the first casino in the state of Minnesota. In 1984, Jackpot Junction opened as a bingo hall.

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