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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Israel in crisis?

WASHINGTON-Israel is in crisis. Violence between Israelis and Palestinians is escalating. The new government of Benjamin Netanyahu-the most conservative and religious in the country’s history-threatens to weaken the judiciary, annex the West Bank, curtail same-sex rights and expel Palestinians.

What's going on in Israel?

It is a long list. First is the accelerating rate of bloodshed. Next comes the most radically nationalist governing coalition in Israel's history, led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (who is on trial on corruption charges, which he denies).

Did Israel's New ultranationalist government intercept a rocket from Gaza?

The Israeli army says sirens have sounded in the country's south and a rocket was intercepted from the Gaza Strip TEL AVIV, Israel -- Sirens sounded in southern Israel and a rocket was intercepted from Gaza on Wednesday, the Israeli army said, as tensions soared between Palestinians and the country's new ultranationalist government.

Is the spiral of violence worsening in Israel and the Palestinian territories?

The spiral of violence is worsening in Israel and the Palestinian territories. Late last week, Israeli soldiers killed nine Palestinians, and injured 20, in the occupied West Bank town of Jenin. Israel's government said it was an anti-terrorist raid. One victim was an elderly woman bystander.

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