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Frequently Asked Questions

How does isolved integrate with payroll?

iSolved fully integrates benefits administration (including open enrollment) with payroll for seamless communication between payroll and HR in a user-friendly interface.

What is isolved HCM?

We offer small to medium-sized employers a better way to manage and optimize a workforce. isolved HCM offers everything an employer needs ( Payroll Services, HR Software, Benefits Administration, Time Management, Tax Credits, and Compliance ), accessible from one login, anywhere and anytime. Looking for your HKP login or a contact form?

What is isolved?

Your Total Workforce Management Solution! Your Total Workforce Management Solution! iSolved is our cloud based, fully integrated Workforce Management solution that is totally scalable to your business, whether you have 5 employees or 5000. Interested in learning more? Check out a demo.

What is isolved's conversational virtual assistant?

isolved's newest conversational virtual assistant empowers employees to ask questions, get answers and complete everyday HR tasks without leaving the collaboration apps they are already in. Transforming employee experience for a better today and a better tomorrow with human capital management software. What is HCM Software?

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