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Frequently Asked Questions

What is isolved people cloud?

isolved People Cloud A Complete Workforce Management Solution. Everything you need to manage and grow your human capital, accessible from a single login. Welcome Log in to access isolved People Cloud applications. You will be prompted for a password on the next step. Continue Go to isolved University

Why should you choose flexchecks?

We Understand That Time Is Money. The time you spend managing your company is your greatest asset. That’s why we provide customized payroll and human capital management solutions that not only cut costs but allow you to stay on task and focused on what’s really important—your business. Don’t waste another minute! Put Flexchecks to work for you.

Where is the contact information for flexchecks?

About FlexChecks FlexChecks is a … Contact Info Serving the United States! Address:2930 Three Mile Rd NW; Grand Rapids, MI 49534 Talk to Humans!616-791-7900Opens in your application

Is the isolved go mobile app still available?

The iSolved Go mobile app will no longer be available effective June 30th, 2022. If your employees use the iSolved Go mobile app, you have received communication from FlexChecks on the sunsetting of the application.

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