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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is isolved benefit services?

isolved Benefit Services is trusted by over 17,000 employers with millions of employees to manage their benefits solutions. We can help you too. We partner with regional and national brokers and other industry professionals. As an insurance professional, you know it is challenging yet rewarding when you help clients find the right answers.

What is isolved human resources?

Compensate your workforce while securely storing data across the employee lifecycle. isolved Human Resources eliminates paper files, streamlines HR workflows, and reduces errors and inefficiencies. Easily set up and administer employee benefits to drive self-service enrollment and election changes.

What is isolved and how does it work?

Consistent, easy, and accessible from any platform—simple access to all the information your employees and HR team need. From big banks to local credit unions, isolved makes it easy to simplify taxation, export your general ledger, and manage salaries and benefits enrollment – all while reducing manual and paper processes.

What is isolved's conversational virtual assistant?

isolved's newest conversational virtual assistant empowers employees to ask questions, get answers and complete everyday HR tasks without leaving the collaboration apps they are already in. Transforming employee experience for a better today and a better tomorrow with human capital management software. What is HCM Software?

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