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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is isolved Commonwealth?

isolved Commonwealth is one of the most senior isolved Certified Network Partners, utilizing the platform for the first time in 2010.

How does isolved work?

The solution is then delivered through strictly vetted certified partners, such as Commonwealth Payroll & HR. isolved utilizes a formal and comprehensive regulatory compliance program designed to ensure the security of customer data, protect against security threats and prevent unauthorized access to the data of its customers.

What are the benefits of HCM systems like isolved?

HCM systems like isolved support a wide range of HR functions and offer a centralized place to manage recruitment, payroll, benefits administration, time keeping, and more. Companies that invest in a HCM platform will see increased efficiency and performance improvements.

What is isolved time?

iSolved enables you to collect, manage and process time to more effectively manage your employee time and attendance data. Move beyond outdated time sheets and spreadsheets to process employee time and attendance with proficiency. iSolved Time also includes the option to calculate comp time in lieu of overtime pay.

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