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Frequently Asked Questions

What can isolved benefit services do for You?

With isolved Benefit Services as your benefits administration partner, you can spend your time managing your workforce, not administering COBRA and the timeframes and notices that go with it. We ensure COBRA, Open Enrollment, State Continuation, USERRA and Eligibility are all handled properly.

What is isolved people cloud + HR services?

Through the power of the full isolved People Cloud + HR Services platform, isolved provides third-party services to automate and maximize several benefits administration functions—from initial onboarding throughout the entire employee lifecycle.

What is isolved and how does it work?

isolved allows your organization to focus on the most strategic, value-added activities for growing your business. Solve the complexities of inefficient plan setup and administration, changing regulations, employee/staff turnover, and other daily challenges by leveraging a dedicated team of isolved benefit and compliance professionals.

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