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Frequently Asked Questions

Does ISO 9001 just do what you say?

Some people use the phrase “Say what you do, and do what you say” to describe the ISO9001-2008 quality standard. The phrase is very simplistic, of course, but it is somewhat accurate. Obviously there’s a lot more to an ISO9001 quality management system that just saying what you do, and doing it.

What does ISO 9001 mean in the supply chain?

This means that ISO 9001-certified suppliers provide better products and services both now – and in the future. Improved customer satisfaction – When your supply chain partner manages its business to ensure the best possible quality, this benefits your customers, too. Whether you’re creating products for B2B (business to business) sales ...

What are some common criticisms of ISO 9001?

Some of the most common complaints include: The compliance process is time consuming. The compliance process is costly. There is a need to undertake a great deal of administrative work to implement ISO 9001. While implementing ISO 9001 adds consistency, it can often limit improvisation and re-adapting. Many firms sign up for ISO 9001 because it ...

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