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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Isabel May?

Isabel May is an American actress. She starred as Katie Cooper on the Netflix series Alexa & Katie and had a recurring role as Veronica Duncan on the CBS series Young Sheldon. She held the lead role of Zoe Hull in film Run Hide Fight. She is the narrator and leading protagonist of the Paramount+ series 1883.

What did Isabel may learn on Netflix's 'Alexa & Katie'?

Netflix's "Alexa & Katie" was Isabel May's first major acting gig. As she was so new, she learned a lot on set. As she told Young Entertainment Magazine, "I learned so much on this show that I wasn't aware of." Even though May was thrilled to have a part in a TV show, she initially felt a little out of her element.

Who is Isabel in let's scare Julie?

After her breakout role in Alexa & Katie, Isabel went on to play a recurring role as Veronica Duncan in the hit sitcom Young Sheldon. She portrayed Georgie’s date in the show. In 2019, Isabel made her feature film debut in the independent horror film Let’s Scare Julie. She played the role of Taylor in the movie, which was shot in one take.

Did acting help Isabel may break out of her shell?

When Isabel May was a young girl, she was never really interested in acting — she was far too busy reading. However, that changed when one of her teachers suggested acting could help her break out of her shell. "All I did was read, I wasn't very socially active, and I loved to write," May said in a 2020 interview.

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