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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Isabel may have a real relationship with Hill and McGraw?

But after 10 episodes, she also says that she has a “painfully real” relationship with Hill and McGraw. 1883 star Isabel May plays Elsa Dutton in the Yellowstone prequel.

What was Isabel May's first job?

Even though Isabel May was an obsessive reader as a child, she didn't stay indoors with her nose in a book all the time. As a teenager, she also had a part-time job at the clothing store Brandy Melville. "First teen job in real life: retail at 15," she told KTLA 5. "It was horrible, I lasted a year."

Who is Isabel May from 'Alexa & Katie'?

Before she played Katie in "Alexa & Katie," Isabel May was just another anonymous teenager in California. However, starring in the popular Netflix comedy gave May a taste of life in the spotlight, though she has managed to keep her privacy.

Did acting help Isabel may break out of her shell?

When Isabel May was a young girl, she was never really interested in acting — she was far too busy reading. However, that changed when one of her teachers suggested acting could help her break out of her shell. "All I did was read, I wasn't very socially active, and I loved to write," May said in a 2020 interview.

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