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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Isabel May's Elsa in 1923?

Isabel May, who plays Elsa in ‘1883,’ lends her voice to the same character in ‘1923.’ Since we only get to listen to Elsa in the first episode of the show, the viewers must be curious to know whether she will appear in the Western drama. Well, here’s what we can share about the same. Is Isabel May’s Elsa in 1923?

Who is Isabel May?

Actress Isabel May is a prominent actress who has essayed several memorable roles in various films and shows like Young Sheldon, Run Hide Fight, and Alexa & Katie, to name a few. 1883 takes fans back to the 19th century as the Dutton family embark on a grueling journey from Texas to Montana.

What is the connection between 1923 and its prequel?

The opening scenes of 1923 feature a narration that establishes the connection between the show and its prequel, 1888. Isabel May played the character of Margaret and James Dutton's child, Elsa Dutton, in 1883, and it's her voice that sets the tone of the show.

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