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Frequently Asked Questions

How many jobs are available on Indeed?

Job Type Full-time (2003) Permanent (694) New-Grad (255) Part-time (32) Contract (29) Temporary (6) Internship (2) Location Cebu City (324) Iloilo City (279)

How do you search for jobs on Indeed?

You can search these websites, like, for jobs you're interested in by using different filters, like position title, salary and location. There are also job search websites for niche fields and industries. Make sure you perform a thorough search to find all jobs that interest you.

What is the Indeed mission?

Our mission is to create products that provide opportunities for all job seekers. To do this, we hire Indeedians of all backgrounds to mirror the job seekers we support. That's why Inclusion and Belonging are core values inside Indeed.

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