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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is the "incidentals" fee for?

The IRS currently defines "incidentals" as fees and tips given to porters, baggage carriers, bellhops, hotel staff, and staff on ships. The applicable federal amounts for the per diem allowance and standard meal allowance are adjusted for inflation and vary by location; current amounts by location are at the General Services Administration website.

How much is the incidentals charge?

There is a $50/night fee for incidental charges that is released to you upon check-out if you don't charge anything to the room. You may use debit to cover the cost of the room plus incidentals but it may take a few days to release the unused portion of the incidentals back to your card depending on your bank.

What do hotels charge for incidentals?

Hotel incidental charges amount to the consumptions made. They are charges which are separated from the hotel Room + Tax. Incidentals are always kept as a separate entity as Rooms are rentals which can be easily prepaid through travel agents, corporates or other third parties.

What does incidental expense mean?

Incidental expenses are minor expenditures associated with business travel. These expenses comprise an immaterial part of the travel and entertainment costs that a person might incur. Examples of these expenses are baggage handler tips and room service tips.

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