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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the phases of incident management?

In order to reduce mitigation and risk, a well-structured incident management plan should be prepared. According to Hannah Snyder, in the article, “The 6 Stages of effective incident management,” there are 6 phases to remember when constructing your pre-incident plan: mitigate risk, prepare, respond, resolve, recover and resume.

What is the objective of incident management?

The objectives of the incident management process are to: Ensure that standardized methods and procedures are used for efficient and prompt response, analysis, documentation, ongoing management and reporting of incidents. Increase visibility and communication of incidents to business and IT support staff.

What does SOP stand for in management?

SOP stands for standard operating procedures . But don't let the fancy acronym fool you - they are so much more than just your average training how-to! Your business has a lot of moving parts. And to keep things running smoothly, you need all those moving parts to be working (and to work well together).

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