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Frequently Asked Questions

What is co-coordinated Incident Management System?

Coordinated Incident Management System (CIMS) was first developed in 1998 to provide emergency management agencies with a framework to coordinate and cooperate effectively in a response. It is based on similar systems used in North America and Australia (NIMS and AIIMS respectively). This third edition of CIMS replaces the previous versions.

What is CIMS 3rd edition?

The Coordinated Incident Management System (CIMS) 3rd edition represents New Zealand’s official framework to achieve effective co-ordinated incident management across responding agencies. From 1 July 2020 the 3rd edition replaces all previous versions of CIMS.

What is the purpose of CIMS?

The purpose of CIMS is to enablepersonnel to respond effectively to incidents through appropriate coordination across functions and organisations — both vertically and horizontally — by:

What's new in CIMS?

Expanding on the CIMS supporting protocols and systems by the introduction of an ‘Incident Classification’ system, expanding on the description of ‘Governance’, and introducing a ‘Strategic Communications’ role. More fulsome descriptions of the CIMS Functions, the inclusion of Recovery (in response), and expanding on previous appendices.

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