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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the safety measures in rescue site management?

Site safety: atmospheric monitoring, hazard recognition and hazard assessment in permit-required confined spaces, tunnels or other long remote entries, high vertical access and hazardous environmental entries. 2. Containing and controlling hazards within the rescue site. 3. Packaging and removal of victims within confined spaces. 40

What is the National Urban Search&Rescue System?

The National Urban Search & Rescue (US&R) Response System (the System), established under the authority of the Federal Emergency Management Agency in 1989, is a framework for organizing federal, state and local partner emergency response teams as integrated federal disaster response task forces.

What is search and rescue search (SRS)?

- SRS is a search implemented to gather information regarding the need for evacuation or rescue of pre-identified special needs populations. SRS may be conducted pre or post incident at these pre-identified locations. . Search Modes DETECTION MODE - A search mode to determine if victims are present. LOCATION MODE -

What is ICS-US&R-120-1?

URBAN SEARCH & RESCUE OPERATIONAL SYSTEM DESCRIPTION ICS-US&R-120-1 November 2014 This document contains information relative to the Incident Command System (ICS) component of the National Interagency Incident Management System (NIIMS). This is 2014 ICS-US&R-120-1 the same Incident Command System developed by FIRESCOPE.

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