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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hanes men's underwear?

Men's Underwear Hanes Men's Underwear gives you unbeatable comfort, fit, style and innovation—all at a value that could only be Hanes. Whether you prefer boxers, briefs or boxer briefs, you'll find Hanes has all the comfort features you want including tag-free labels, stretchable waistbands and no ride up legbands.

What is Queer Eye's favorite underwear?

Queer Eye stylist Tan France is a massive fan of the Hanes underwear line. He suggests these lightweight cotton boxer briefs, which he wears daily and which will suit those who wear slim pants and want to avoid bunching or visible seams.

What are Hanes comfort Flex Fit trunks?

These Hanes Comfort Flex Fit dyed trunks provide a fashionable look with Advanced Odor Protection Technology in an ultra soft cotton stretch fabric to keep you comfortable all day long. Looking for specific info? Woot!

What are the different types of men's underwear?

Style: There are three main styles of men’s underwear, and they are predominantly defined by how each one is designed to fit. Briefs — a.k.a. the “tighty whities” style famously worn by legendary television character Walter White — have a more snug fit and are cut to only cover your butt without extending to your legs.

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