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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of tape should I use on my hockey stick?

The Tape. In “Hockey Made Easy: Instructional Manual,” author John Shorey recommends taping hockey-stick blades with hockey tape or black cloth friction tape. While some players use electrical tape, the two other types have a sticky surface that makes it easier for the blade to grip the puck and direct it.

What does tape do on a hockey stick?

Taping the blade of a hockey stick causes more friction between the puck and the stick, which allows the player better control of the puck. Without the tape, the blade would become wet and slippery, causing the puck to slide off the blade.

How do you tape your hockey stick?

Hold the stick parallel to the ground in one hand and start at the top to wrap it, winding it down the shaft as you go around the circumference of the shaft. Wrap tape down the shaft as far as your hockey glove covers, or about six to eight inches down the shaft.

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