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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the summer intensive program?

Our Summer Intensive Program combines academic instruction and real-world experience. It is intensive, immersive and an incredible opportunity to explore a career in finance and investment as part of a supportive community of peers, lecturers, industry experts, alumni and GWI staff.

What is girls who invest?

Girls Who Invest offers two fully-subsidized education programs in investment/asset management for students from any major enrolled in or transferring to a four-year U.S. college. Are you a Great Investor in the Making? Intellectual Curiosity? Research and Analytical Skills? Ability to receive and incorporate feedback into continuous improvement?

What is the GWI online intensive program?

The GWI Online Intensive Program is a tuition-free, self-guided learning experience that allows students to learn core finance and investment concepts at their own pace. The program has a structured timeline for completion from February through August and allows students to participate in an independent internship or summer job concurrently.

What is the girls who invest acceptance rate?

There isn't any word on the Girls Who Invest acceptance rate, but one person reported hearing that the SIP accepted 150–200 students in 2020, out of more than 10,000 applicants. In a statement, founder Seema R. Hingorani said that she was “incredibly excited” about preparing young women to become leading investors.

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