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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy mechanical gears online?

Shop Mechanical & Industrial Gears on Mechanical gears are used in power transmission and include a wide variety of applications. They may be used to change the direction of power or to change the ratio of rotation between shafts.

What is the ratio of the mg-506a marine gear?

Twin Disc MG-506A marine gear. 1.5:1 ratio, SAE 3 housing. Rebuilt Twin Disc MG-507 marine gear. 2:1 ratio. SAE 2 housing. Rebuilt

Where can I find miter gears and spiral bevel gears?

Find steel miter gears and spiral bevel gears as well as steel and cast iron spur gears at Grainger in a wide range of sizes.

How much do ZF 5085 gears cost?

(2) 5085 GEARS, 2:1 RATIO, Excellent Condition, ready to work. $5,900 each. (619) 549-9435 (2) ZF MODEL #BW466 Gears, Ratio: 4.5:1, rated HP 3,000 max. $8,500 each. (619) 549-9435

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