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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Gnasher still the best weapon in Gears 5 multiplayer?

Despite the now large palette of weapons at your disposal, along with some Gears 5 debuts, the Gnasher is still essentially the weapon to opt for in Gears multiplayer. At least, this is the case in close-range fights, which is frequently how things end up shaking out - especially in King of the Hill, which forces close combat.

Is Gears 5 a good game to play Blind?

Gears 5 isn't exactly the game you want to go into blind, so heed these 5 tips for success before you jump in. The anticipated 5th entry in the epic third-person shooter franchise, Gears 5, has finally arrived and has been met with (largely) positive reception.

Is Gears 5 a team-centric game?

Being the team-centric game that Gears 5 typically is, you'll want to try and help the team first and foremost, rather than just focusing on padding your stats or going for several solo kills. This can mean a number of things, depending on the circumstances.

What makes Gears of war 4 so good?

The game has somewhat marked a return to the more gritty, close-range combat sensibilities of earlier Gears games, while upping the ante with a slew of insane weapons, player customizations, along with new game modes and environments.

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