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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best support class in Gears 5?

Jack is the ultimate Gears 5 Horde support class. With Jack, you can build your base anywhere on the map and forgo power taps entirely. Jack shines when using the optimizer card to salvage power from guns. The amount you receive is based upon your optimizer card’s level.

What are the classes in Gears 5 horde mode?

With each character in Gears 5 Horde mode, there are classes. Below, we'll give you the rundown on which characters belong to which classes. Scout - Kait. Offense - J.D., Fahz, Emile. Tank - Marcus, Sarah Connor. Engineer - Del, Kat.

How do you get the best upgrade cards in Gears 5?

In Gears 5, building a class requires the selection of five unique upgrade cards. The best builds for each class in Hore mode are subjective, but, there are usually a few cards that trump the rest. To get the best ones, you will need to level up the class to level 20.

Is del the best engineer in Gears 5?

The engineer class was a part of Gears 4 Horde. However, Gears 5 skill cards are different from those of its predecessor. While Del is not the only engineer in Gears 5, he is the best by a landslide. In fact, greater Horde difficulties practically require a Del.

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